About Tony Trimble

Cades Cove is the story of fighting in and around Knoxville, TN, focusing on the small community which now rests deep in the Smoky Mountain National Park.


Dr. Tony Trimble is a resident of Plainfield, Indiana.  He is employed as adjunct professor of history at Ivy Tech Community College and in private practice as a psychologist.  He earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in history and political science from Indiana State University and the Ed.S in School Psychology from Butler University.

Dr. Trimble is a member of the Indiana Historical Society, currently serving as a member of the Awards Committee, Society of Civil War Historians, and Phi Alpha Theta-National Honorary Fraternity for Historians.  He served as Vice-President and President of the Indianapolis Civil War Roundtable and is a winner of its Harmon Award for Civil War Scholarship and the Bates Award for contributions to the administration of the affairs of the roundtable.  Dr. Trimble was listed in the 1990-91 Edition of Who’s Who in the Midwest and the 1992-93 Edition of Who’s Who in American Education.


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