About Lawrie Exhibit

Please bring family and friends that may not particularly be interested in detailed CW history, but would enjoy a visit to the museum, to come with you!

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Here is a list of Lawrie portraits at the Museum of Art exhibit:

Thomas W. Bennett

William Plummer Benton

George P. Buell

Ambrose Burnside

Robert Alexander Cameron

Robert Francis Catterson

George Henry Chapman

John Coburn

Silas Colgrove

Charles Cruft

Jefferson C. Davis

Richard P DeHart

Ebenezer Dumont

William Grose

Thomas J. Harrison

William H. Harrison

William Harrow

Milo Smith Hascal

Alvin Peterson Hovey

Gilbert Marquis Lafayette Johnson

Marquis  De LaFayette

Alexander Lawrie

Henry Lawton

Jesse M. Lee

Abraham Lincoln

Thomas John Lucas

George Francis McGinnis

Mahlon Dickerson Manson

John Mehringer

Solomon Meredith

Abram O. Miller

John F. Miller

Robert Huston Milroy

Thomas Armstrong Morris

Jasper Packard A

Thomas Gamble Pitcher

Joseph Jones Reynolds

Benjamin F. Scribner

John Peter Cleaver Shanks

James R. Slack

Jeremiah Cutler Sullivan

Zachary Taylor

Jacob G. Vail

James C. Veatch

George Day Wagner

Lewis Wallace

Anthony Wayne

Reuben Williams

August Willich

Thomas John Wood