About David Dew

“Stars & Stripes and Old Glory, too.”

This is a presentation about the history of and the evolution of the American flag. It is not about the etiquette of showing the flag, but is intended to be the history of the flag. He has a great number of reproduction flags that will be shown as illustrations as well as a table display on U.S. and local flags.

David is a former U.S. History and U.S. Government teacher for the Fort Wayne Community Schools. He taught 38 years at Northwood Middle School where he was the Social Studies Department chairperson and the 8th Grade Team Leader. He also coached football and track for a number of years, and–in addition–coached Northwood’s Social Studies Academic Teams and sponsored the Chess Club. For several years now, he has given presentations on historical subjects to civic and senior citizens’ groups in Northeast Indiana. He has spoken before to the Civil War Round Table on Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. In addition, he has presented “The Murderer is Still at Large” about John Wilkes Booth as part of the lecture series for the Friends of the Lincoln Collection at the Allen County Public Library. Many of my subjects involve the Presidents and I have spoken on various presidents from George Washington to Grover Cleveland. More recent presentations include subjects of local history including the Hamilton Sisters of Fort Wayne and Johnny Appleseed.