About Dr. Alfred Brothers

“Africa American Civil War Military History”
The Civil War was a turning point in American History. It redefined who we were as a nation and set the tenor and tone for the people we would become. It set the Northern States against the Southern States, defined a movement of Abolitionism and freedom from slavery, proved the strength, courage and vitality of the African American people, and set the stage for the African American Soldier and Sailor.
The history of African Americans in the U.S. Civil War is marked by 186,097 (7,122 officers, 178,975 enlisted) African American men, comprising 163 units, who served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and many more African Americans served in the Union Navy. Both free African Americans and runaway slaves joined the fight. On the Confederate side, blacks, both free and slave, were used for labor, but the issue of whether to arm them, and under what terms, became a major source of debate amongst those in the South.  25 African American earned Medal of Honor in the Civil War.”
Alfred Brothers biography:
  •  PhD in Business Administration, with an under graduate major in Aeronautical Engineering. I have managed large and small engineering development programs for the government.
  •  22 years military service in the Air Force, as a military officer and doing researching in Air Force history
  • ·Air Force fighter and bomber pilot, AFROTC commander and professor teaching military history at Wright State University AFROTC program
  • ·Genealogist engaged in my family history for over 25 years, highlighting my family military history from the Revolutionary War, through the Civil War, to WWII
  • ·Primary research focus is on the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and WWII periods
  • · Prepared and presented military history presentations at the Fort Wayne History Center, Allen County Public Library, Raytheon Company, and local cable TV programs