May 2019 After Action Report by Archie

Mr. Bruce Novak gave a presentation on Civil War Trivia.  I found myself taking notes and laughing, which in my case means I was interested and having a good time.  Among my notes were hints for good books to see about.  I think Mr. Novak came as close as is humanly possible to give a presentation on the entire Civil War in one short talk by taking the trivia approach, which he had well-organized into topics.  It is certainly a fact-filled, high interest, approach, and in the sweeping course of the presentation brought out many a surprising fact and aspect of the period.  It felt like only ten minutes, a good sign that, the time passing quickly, it was absorbing.  His pace and pattern reminded me of many of the best educators I have heard teach in past years. 
We had 37 in attendance, a good count !
Our next meeting will be June 10th and at a new location– Ivy Tech’s Student Life Center, at 4801 Sirlin Drive, room 1630, off St. Joe Road and across from Canterbury Green apartments.

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