2018 Organizational Meeting

February, 2018 Secretary’s Report


The treasurer’s Report shows a balance of $1,836.18 with 21 members.
Officers for the 2018-2019 period are as follows:
President—Tom Schmitt
VP—Charlene Baumgardner
Secretary—Archie Lintz
Treasurer—Margaret Hobson
Hospitality—Margaret English
Video—Bob Jones
“Indiana At Gettysburg” presented by Gib Young
Mr. Young opened his presentation with a sentiment that he went on to convincingly document: “ I have always thought that, the legal issues notwithstanding, that a small part of the State of Pennsylvania belongs to the State of Indiana.” Noting, among an array of interesting facts and anecdotes, that the first and last casualties of the battle were Hoosiers.
The Indiana regiments partially or fully represented on that field of July 1-3, 1863, were the 1st & 2nd Indiana Cavalry regiments, the 7th, 14th, 19th, 20th, & 27th Indiana infantry regiments.
It was a uniquely fascinating story told about the battle from the point of view of one State, our own dear State of Indiana, establishing Gib for many of us as the authority on this subject. He was kind enough to loan me his notes after the meeting and although you can never tell what has gone into many of our presentations in terms of effort, especially when they go so smoothly, said notes show remarkable research and organization of material.

Bibliographical Material
Gettysburg The Second Day by Harry Pfanz
History of the Third Indiana Cavalry by W.N. Pickerill (1906)
The Civil War Journal of Billy Davis From Hopewell Edited by Richard S. Skidmore (7th Indiana)
Gallant Fourteenth by Nancy Niblack Baxter (2008)
The Seventieth Indiana by Samuel Merrill (1900)
On Many a Bloody Field: Four Years In The Iron Brigade by Alan Gaff (1996)
(19th Indiana prominently featured)
Harvestfields of Death The Twentieth Indiana Volunteers at Gettysburg by Crai;g L. Dunn (1999)
The Twenty-Seventh Indiana by E. R. Brown (1899 & reprinted)

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