About Phil DeHaven

“Phil Kearny, the One-Armed Devil”

 In April of 1861, Phil Kearny (car’-nee) was the most combat experienced man in the United States bar none.  He had served in the 1st Dragoons, fought Indians, studied cavalry tactics in France, fought in Algeria and served in the Mexican War where he lost his left arm. He resigned from the army in 1859 and while residing in France fought with the French Army in Italy.  Kearny was a millionaire and lived his life to the fullest.  His personal life raised many an eyebrow but he cared not a whit.  He was appointed Brigadier General in May of 1861 and from there his military career further skyrocketed.  The French called him “Le Magnifique”, the only foreigner to be awarded the French Legion of Honor twice.  Winfield Scott called him “the bravest man I ever knew and a perfect soldier”.  The Confederates feared him and called him “that one armed devil Kearny.”  His death at the Battle of Chantilly on September 1, 1862 was a terrible blow to the Army of the Potomac.  There is no doubt that Kearny would have chosen a different way to die in battle than the way it happened.  His loss was severe for the Union.

Phil DeHaven’s biography:

Born and raised in Albany, Indiana.

Graduate of Albany High School.

BS and MA Degrees from Ball State University.

Taught history for 37 years at West Side Middle School, Randolph Eastern School Corp. in Union City, Indiana. Retired from teaching in 2000. Past President of the Randolph County Retired Teachers Association.

Mayor of Union City, Indiana 2000-2003.

Past President of the late Randolph County Civil War Round Table.

Past President of the Union City Rotary Club.

Member of the Indiana Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, Continental Chapter.

One daughter, one son, two grandsons, five granddaughters and a great granddaughter.

Linda, his wife, and Phil now live in Muncie, Indiana.