About James Pickett

Find out what happened during the armed encounter of the 1790 Battle of Kekionga that took place in the Lakeside area of pre-Fort Wayne, Indiana. This well-researched educational thriller follows the American Federal Army in combination with the militia regiments from both Pennsylvania and Kentucky deep into hostile Indian territory toward their first battle since the American Revolutionary War.

Experience the exploits, hear the insights, and feel the emotions of both the new Americans and the Native Americans led by General Josiah Harmar and Miami Chief Little Turtle, respectively. Many other early patrons in this campaign enhance the drama that few people know about.

Jim Pickett grew up in New Haven, Indiana and attended the University of Saint Francis obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1972 and a Master of Science in Education in 1978. Mr. Pickett taught a variety of subjects in the DeKalb Central School District in Northeast Indiana, retiring in 2011. He continues teaching driver education, of all things, in Fort Wayne; he also enjoys local and American history.