November After Action Report

Professor A. James Fuller has written the first modern biography of our Indiana Civil War General, Oliver P. Morton, the last before being an 1899 biography by William D. Foulke.  We got a great presentation about his subject at our last meeting.  After most speakers, I have focused on their subject, but after this one I felt that the speaker was a subject in himself for this report, because as anyone present will agree, he was enthusiastically enthusiastic,  enthusiastically  animated,  and  enthusiastically  knowledgeable about his subject.  He did such a great job of acting out the shooting of William “Bull” Nelson by fellow Federal General Jefferson C. David, as witnessed by Governor Morton, that I have the strange feeling of having been present at that most violet and jarring incident.  Also very impressive was that when any of us asked Pro. Fuller a question, however much a detail, he could answer fully with a multitude of facts about it.  Whosoever his students are, I can imagine them looking forward to his classes at the University of Indianapolis, even if taking one of his classes as an elective.  



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