Gib Young and Rushmore Live in Huntington

P1210490Rushmore Live in Huntington is on for Sunday, Sept 16 and Monday Sept 17. You can come up and help celebrate Constitution Day, Huntington’s Birthday, and the incredible talent that is Fritz Klein, Carl Closs, and Tom Pitts as Abe, George and Tom.  (I’m like the fourth Marx Brother – Zeppo.)

If you want to go to the Sept. 17 evening performance at the University you need to know it is free – that is right – nada. But it is first come first seated.  It is suggest you get there about 6pm because the doors open at 6:15 pm  Theater holds 750 folks so it probably won’t be sold out but you never know.  If it is sold out there will be video screening in a theater on site.  The show starts at 7pm

If you want to go to the big dinner on Sunday it is at the Hotel Lafontaine in the art deco ball room and it starts at 6 pm, meal at 6:30 pm.  It costs a $100.00 bucks if you want to sit with one of the Prez’s and $75.00 if you just want to eat and gaze at us from another table.   You can call the Huntington Chamber of Commerce to reserve a seat.  If the TRA wanted it could reserve a table at the cost for a Prez or just to get a real good meal and take a chance on a nice door prize.  But If you think you would like to go let me know soon.  If you want to come as an individual you need to send a check to the Huntington Chamber of Commerce and tell them at which table you want to be at.                                    Gib Young 260  356 7643                                                                                                                                                                              PS Please pass this along to your brothers in arms.

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