December After Action Report by Archie

List of member-recommended books:

Billings, John D. Hardtack & Coffee (1887 & reprinted).

Brown, David G. White Hurricane America’s Greatest Maritime Disaster (2007).

Catton, Bruce The Coming Fury / Terrible Swift Sword / Never Call Retreat.

Coddington, Edwin B. The Gettysburg Campaign A Study in Command (1997).

Henessy, John J. Return to Bull Run Campaign & Battle of Second Manassas (1999).

Hicks, Robert The Widow of the South (2005).

Hoar, Jay S. The South’s Last Boys in Gray An Epic Prose Elegy (1986).

Lockridge, Ross, Jr. Raintree County (1948).

Martin, David G.  Gettysburg July 1 (1995).

McPherson, James   Battle Cry of Freedom (1988).

Nolan, Alan T.  The Iron Brigade  A Military History  (1994).

Pfanz, Harry W.  Gettysburg  Culps Hill & Cemetery Hill

Pfanz, Harry W.  Gettysburg  The Second Day

Roosevelt, Theodore.  The Winning of the West (1904).

Sandburg, Carl  The Prairie Years & The War Years  One Volume Edition (1954)

Shaara, Jeff  The Last Full Measure  (2000).

Smith, Timothy   The Untold Story of Shiloh  The Battle & Battlefield.

Tucker, Glenn  High Tide at Gettysburg (1973).

Turner, Justin  Mary Todd Lincoln  Her Life & Letters  (1972).

Wainwright, Charles  A Diary of Battle  The Personal Journals of Colonel Charles S. Wainwright (1861-1865 & 1998).

Watkins, Samuel R.  Co. Aytch  A Side Show of the Big Show  (1882 & reprinted).

White, Ronald C.  The Eloquent President  A Portrait of Lincoln Through His Words (2006).


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