September’s After Action Report by Archie Lintz

Mark Laubacher presented to our Round Table on “A Surgeon’s Life Aboard USS Monitor.”  I spoke with Mark before the presentation and learned that his presentation is a summary of an article he wrote for the Journal of Civil War medicine titled “The First Medical Man aboard USS Monitor,” and is listed in the handout you will find attached to this email.  He also check marked four other items in his bibliography that he thought of particular importance for us which I list by the author’s last name:  Daly, Robert Welter / Greene, S. Dana / Stimers, Alban C. / Stodder, Louis N.  ***  It is great when we can get bibliographical references from our speakers, as these allow those interested to do further research as advised by such speakers.  In the case of Mr. Laubacher, there is a wonderful abundance of such material listed for us.

Without question, Mr. Laubacher has had the best background of any speaker we have had for the subject presented, and is well credentialed to speak about it.  I was speaking to my guest on the way home, as we came up together from Huntington, and we both agreed that we looked forward to the other presentations Mr. Laubacher has to offer, if we can get him back.  In fact, my friend liked the presentation so well, he has said he would like to join our Round Table.  
The conditions aboard the USS Monitor were shocking by even the standards of its day, but the crew and its officers stood to their duty and deserve to be remembered for their sacrifices for the Cause of the Union.  The sound injuries (as I will call them) inside the Monitor were intense during combat, as we heard form Mr. Laubacher’s presentation.  All sounds are a form of energy: those that we can hear, as well as those above and below our audible range.
The heat aboard the USS Monitor was incredible, especially the year it went out to to meet the (not the Merrimack, as we learned) CSS Virginia.
Inline image 1
Mr. Laubacher in front of one of the images of most of the crew of USS Monitor

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