July After Action Report

by Archie

Our dinner meeting at the Gas House was attended by 15 and Margaret furnished us all a Program Paper for the coming year.  (It is subject to change if circumstances require it.)  Craig Baumgardner & Phil English conducted a class on the Civil War cannon in the Old Fort by means of a demonstration, with many details about the piece.
archie cannon
Welcome to new members, Carol & Norm Strayer.  Three Cheers & A Hazzah !  for John Etzkorn, who attended as a guest and we hope he will decide to join the group.  
Our next meeting is Aug. 8, 2016, and we will meet at the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art at 4:00 for a tour of the Civil War General’s Exhibit, followed by dinner at O’Reilley’s for table talk, then an exciting presentation on Lew Wallace at the ACPL  7:00 to 8:30 !   ***  The Exhibit prices are  $11.00 / Seniors 65+ $9.00.  ***  
–So !  You can put together your own evening from the three choices arranged for us.  The Exhibit is Hope to see you at one or two or all three.  If you make all three, you will be promoted to Veteran Volunteer !  

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