August After Meeting Post

There were 17 people at the Gas House for dinner and all went to the Old Fort for the speaker. It was a very good meeting. I think people really came together as a group and enjoyed the companionship. It’s something we should keep as an annual tradition. We had 2 new guests who showed considerable interest and will be coming to our meetings.

The speaker, Chuck Eberle, is a descendant on Robert E. Lee’s grandfather side.  He was in full reenactment uniform. Chuck refreshed our minds on the genealogy and history of Robert E. Lee as well as added new information.  He emphasized the Christian heritage Lee learned from his own mother and the lessons of patience, control and discipline. Especially, “Whatever you do, do it with the best of your ability. Any task worth doing is worth doing well.” Chuck described Lee’s training at the U.S. Military Academy, marriage to Mary Custis, the granddaughter of his idol George Washington and Martha Custis Washington, and his military service prior to the Civil War. When the war broke out, Mr. Eberle described the old warrior’s heart-wrenching decision to join the Confederacy after turning down an offer to take command of the US Army.

After the war, Lee became president of Washington College (now Washington and Lee University) and was one of the war’s most respected figures in the South.

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