July after meeting post by Archie Lintz

Mr. Kurt Witcher told us about the ACPL genealogy center and gave us copies of the “Researching Your Civil War Ancestor” handout. This library is upstairs and has to be visited to make you realize the potential for Civil War material available. For us to have this world-class genealogy resource within a short driving distance is a great advantage for any of us interested in Civil War history, history in general, and especially, family history. I have done genealogy in this special library and while the staff has always been helpful, I had not had any extended conversations with any staff member(s). Mr. Witcher presented information to us with expert knowledge, enthusiasm and personality. For the time spent with us and his passion, I use my privilege as a retired school teacher to give him an A+.  And as he will receive a copy of this report, I thank him on behalf of the Civil War Round Table of Northeast Indiana for a great presentation. We had a post meeting discussion on the Confederate symbolism controversy. The consensus seemed to be that this is a teachable moment on this subject. But, how-to use it and with what content ? were the questions pondered. We were not in executive session, so this was purely an informal discussion. I hope to be in communication with our other officers and most interested parties on the subject.So much was covered and the resources are so vast in this library that justice to the content of the meeting makes me stop here and say—go to this library and explore this fantastic resource. The real history of our country is in the lives of its people, your kinsmen and mine, and this place will help with learning some of that history.ResearchingYourCivlWarAncestorHandoutACPL

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