April after action report by Archie Lintz

I had looked forward for a very long time to Steve Williams giving a talk on my fellow townsman of long ago, Lambdin P. Milligan, & he “did not disappoint.”  I filled three pages with notes…  in the photo above, Mr. Williams points to the likeness of Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, who played an kay role in Milligan’s story.  Hard to believe, how all the great constitutional issues and high government officials were  connected to a small town in northeast Indiana named Huntington.  Our county and the difficult times of the civil war were brought back from the foggy past in the telling of this story.   The bibliography on the subject  that Steve put together is valuable as an source for further study.  See attachment.

We welcome Steve as a new member of the Civil War Round Table of Northeast Indiana.Archie April 1

“I am willing to do whatever the cause of the Northwest may require…”

L.P. Milligan  May 9 1864

[From Mr. William’s talk]

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