Bob Schmidt’s notes on the Bermuda Hundred campaign

At our Nov 9th meeting at the Allen Co Public Library, Bob Schmidt made a presentation about the May 1864 Bermuda Hundred campaign waged by Major General Benjamin Butler. The current issue of Blue & Gray magazine Vol XXX, #1 has just hit the news stands, available at Barnes & Noble. The whole issue is devoted to the Bermuda Hundred. It will supplement what Bob presented or if you were unable to attend a comprehensive overview of this campaign. The historical presentation is by Herbert Schiller who earlier wrote a book about Bermuda Hundred. There also is another section entitled “The General’s Tour”, that gives tour detailed maps and pictures of key sites. The maps for both article are outstanding and give good directions. Bob drew much of his presentation and the automation from the Power Point data provided by Scott Williams of Chesterfield, VA. Scott is pictured along with the author Herbert Schiller in the magazine that is entirely dedicated to the Bermuda Hundred campaign.

For those who would like to visit first hand, this area southeast of Richmond, VA, I recommend taking the Civil War tour on a Discover the James tour with Captain Mike Ostrander. Scott Williams and George Fickett Jr narrate the tours and point out the events of Civil War.

2 hrs on the James River / also see wildlife – bald eagles etc.

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